Holiday Manor News

The latest updates on what's happening at Holiday Manor.

04/19/22 & 04/26/22 SEALCOATING: Oak Lane - Palm Drive + Pine Drive were sealcoated in April. Atlantic Southern did a fantastic job!


3/30/21 SCREENROOM: When using the Screen room for parties, games, etc. Please remember to clean up when you leave by wiping up any tables and chairs you used. Also be sure to sweep around your area and mop up any spills that may have occurred. There are brooms, mops, pails, and cloths for this in the south corner of the screen room (temporarily). We will eventually have a free-standing closet to house these items. Please put away any extra tables/chairs you got out and put all trash in the bins. Be sure to close all windows on the south side of the building as this is where the rains usually come in. (if it looks like rain, please close them all) Turn off all lights and fans.


  1. Wipe all Tables, Counters & Chairs
  2. During Covid, use sanitizer on Tables & Chairs.
  3. Put Everything back where it goes.
  4. Sweep Floor with broom and use mop to clean up any spills.
  5. Take out Trash Put in trash bins in front of building.
  6. Close all Windows in kitchen area and near broom closet. (If it is going to rain close all of them)
  7. Turn off all Lights and Fans.

3/30/21 From The Manager: For all the Shareholders leaving for the summer, below is a link to the Summer Checklist to secure your homes during your time away. As always, please sign "out and in" any time you are leaving and arriving at Holiday Manor. This applies to your overnight guests as well. It is very important for the Office to have this information in case of any emergencies that may arise.

Click Here For Summer Checklist

Our new grill at the Screen Room is completed and ready for use as of 3-30-2021.

Safe travels and enjoy the summer. We look forward to seeing you in the fall. Thank you. Elaine Beck. CAM